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We've been cruising the internet and have found some fun sites for you to enjoy:

Just for FUN
The only website with all the latest events, news and trends for the beloved Boston dogs. ...where Boston dogs go when they hit the web...
You probably realize that you are a mere servant to your dog, and obey their every command. But, did you know that this is part of a larger, master-plan for your dog's breed to rule the entire world?

This is n amazingly fun, fun, fun, totally dog website to cruise around. They have 20,000 Dogs listed with profiles, geographic location, etc.

just like dogster but for cats! - Advice on dogs, life and love. "Ask Dog Lady," was recently named a "hot site" by USA Today, operates on the basic premise that dogs are perfect while humans need help . . .We couldn't agree more. - the name says it all. We love it. Nothing but photos of--yep, you guessed it--dog noses. Cruise through the gallery and submit your own dog nose photo if you want.
These folks certainly have a jump on 2006, The Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar. Products include fun, colorful, festive tees, hats, stickers and other items that encourage us mere mortals to "Unleash Your Canine Spirit!" Each order is shipped with a Fortune Cookie containing a doggie fortune for The Year of the Dog. How fun is that? Check out their "Poop" page to learn more about your sign if you were born in the Year of the Dog. Woof! - This is a great doggie websites. Chock-full of fun, interesting, innovative, original products and product reviews for dogs and their humans. Check it out!

Some of our Favorite Artists!
Deborah Samuel was our very first artist featured in the first edition of the Animal Print. He work is amazingly mesmorizing.
We LOVE Rachale Hales photos. She is the artist feature for our June/July 2005 issue. Check out all her beautiful and sometimes silly photos of dogs, cats and other creatures.
We can't say enough about how dreamy this work is.

Old Yellers Revenge
- Cami Johnson is one of our favorite photographers. The Animal Print featured her in a past issue of the magazine (Volume 1, issue 12).
If you are looking for some of the most unique drawings ever created, your have found the right place...drawings are mad out of WIRE! While most of the work is human imagery, Mr. Roelle has been know to create monkeys, dogs, bird cages and a host of other creatures. He is available for commissions too!






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